Your wax melts come prepackaged in ocean rescued plastic packages to prevent moisture. They are a great alternative to candles in keeping a flame free environment for your home or office.
They are to be used with an electric wax melter and can be used to layer on fragrance levels according to your needs. Here are some suggestions to create a safe experience while melting our wax melts
Wax Melt Instructions
Please keep wax melts dry and away from moisture before and during use
For maximizing hot throw and prevent pooling of wax please use no more than 3 wax melts at the same time.
The electric wax melter should be placed on a stable non flammable surface away from water, fire hazards and flammable materials.
Avoid moving the wax melter or touching the bowl with liquid wax to prevent spillage and burns.
Please make sure the wax melter is connected to a grounded and safe power outlet and kept away from bodies of water to prevent electric shock or overloading the fuse.
The wax is not to be applied near eyes, consumed or ingested .
Please call poison control immediately if you have irritation, redness vomiting or any other symptoms consistent with allergic reactions. 


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